Sightseeing Leipzig
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i want to offer you the following ...

My name is Peter Donat and I like my home town Leipzig. Would you like to become familiar with Leipzig and find out the reasons I like Leipzig so much?

You have the choice.

Would you like to have some more sightseeing during your stays in the future?

Would you like to know more about business and economy, infrastructure and opportunities for leisure time?

Would you like to find out more about famous historical people like Bach, Goethe, Napoleon,... who were working and living in Leipzig?

Do you want to discover the sports town Leipzig or

Would you like to amuse yourself and to have fun?

Please let me know your interests regarding Leipzig and its surroundings and I will do my best to make your exploration of Leipzig satisfying. I offer you my services at a fair price.

Additionally, you may choose to have your tour in German, English, Russian, Saxon etc.... Just let me know!

I can also organise for you tickets for cultural events, reservations for restaurants and accommodations and coordinate your transportation (bus, trams, boats, horse and buggy).

If you want to have more information please contact me!